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🎉 Welcome to the Samsung Canada Members community! 🎉

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Community Guidelines



The Samsung Canada Members community is a peer-driven space for Samsung enthusiasts to connect and share their knowledge. In case you’re not sure where your content belongs, we’ve outlined each board here to help you navigate the community.


  • Community
    • The hub for all Samsung-related topics—if you want to show off your phone theme or ask a question about your TV, this is the place to do it!
  • Galaxy Gallery
    • How do you experience life through your Galaxy device’s camera? Calling all creators—share the photos and media that you’re proud of here!
  • Lifestyle
    • Are you a fitness fanatic who loves their Galaxy Watch Active, or a SmartThings automation whiz? This is a space for you to connect with others about how you’ve integrated Samsung tech into your everyday life.



If you have comments or suggestions about any of the community guidelines, we'd love to hear what you think over in this discussion megathread!