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Welcome to the Samsung Members Community

(Topic created on: 04-23-2020 04:57 AM)
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Welcome to the Samsung Members Community!


We want this to be a place where everyone feels free to join conversations and share their experiences about Samsung products, services and beyond. We hope this place to be a place in which all of us share candid opinions and thoughts with one another, so that the place is fun to visit, useful to know, pleased to be heard, and proud to participate. Like any other communities, there are rules to be followed and necessary restrictions which would be inevitably imposed. However, we believe the place could be fun! Just make sure that you stick to the rules. Check out the Community Guidelines here . 


We have 2 sections for you to make the most of your time here:



You've got questions about your Samsung device? Compare cool tips and tricks, new themes, solutions, and everything you know about Samsung phones, drop them all here! This is the official PH forum for all Samsung Galaxy device related topics. Interact with your other Samsung users and get help from #TeamGalaxyPH!


Galaxy Gallery

How do like your Galaxy device's camera? Calling all creators  - this is the place where you can show off your amazing skills with your photos captured #WithGalaxy.

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paanu mg crop ng picture sa a50s po f press ko ung edit sabi ask permission in settings?
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You need to allow permission for Photo Editor. Go to Settings > Apps then look for Photo Editor. If you can't find it, just search for the keyword "Photo Editor" in Settings then change permission - Allow the Storage.

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Ang Samsung Galaxy A71 po ba sa Philippines ay SD 730 lang? Sa Brochure at sa info ng phone sa hands on area sa mismong Samsung Store ay SD 730g.

salamat sa mag rereply, i hope samsung ang unang mang reply :)
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hi guys 🥰
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ano cloud app ng samsung for lost phone
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Bakit kaya blurry ang shots ng J7+ kapag group selfie? Is there a solution for this?