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Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my recent experience with buying a monitor from Samsung's online store. On the 15th of February, I purchased the monitor and selected a delivery date for a week later. However, on the day of delivery, no one showed up, so I contacted the delivery company, ANC, and they informed me that there was no stock available at the warehouse. I reached out to Samsung to arrange a re-delivery, but it didn't arrive on the scheduled day either.

After calling Samsung for the second time and speaking with their call center in the Philippines, I was told that the only option was to wait for the issue to be escalated to a case manager. A few weeks later, I called Samsung again to ask for an update, but was told that the stock had been lost in transit and that I would receive a refund in 10+ business days.

However, after waiting for more than 10 business days, I still had not received my refund or any communication from Samsung. When I called them again, I was told that the refund had been cancelled and I would have to wait another 10+ business days. Another week went by and still no refund, so I contacted Samsung again and waited for an hour to speak to a supervisor. Unfortunately, the supervisor was unable to offer any solutions and simply stated that the case would be escalated to a manager.

Eventually, a case manager contacted me and informed me that they could not guarantee a solution but would restart the refund process. However, to this day, I still have not received my refund.

If anyone else has had a similar experience or has any advice on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate it. Alternatively, if any Samsung staff are reading this, please help me get my refund so I can move on from this frustrating situation.

I would also like to warn others not to shop on Samsung's online store as they may not receive their items or a refund. If Samsung does not take action to resolve this issue, I will seek representation from my bank and ACCC.

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Wow that's incredible Samsung is usually very helpful
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Hello @calpi

I am so sorry that you are having this issue. I would really like to look into this for you. If you could send an email with the below information filled out, through to I will have this issue personally escalated for you.

Subject Title: SamsungClaudette - Samsung not giving me a refund after failed deliver <----Please post this in the Email Subject as well as your community Handle.

Customers Name


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I hate to say it, but do not expect this to accomplish anything at all. Samsung are screwing everyone over and I along with several others have had to involve the ACCC, NSW FairTrading, and the Bank to get our funds back due to this fraudulent sale. All negative feedback provided on @SamsungAU's Twitter has been hidden.

Please see:

I suggest you do not hesitate to contact the ACCC and go to your bank to get your money back.