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As a student returning to school in September my most important need would be staying organized. There are a lot of classes to keep track of and a ton of work for each of those classes, and chances are, you forget (almost happened to me way too often). 


My "Must Have" item would be the Note 10. Why? Because it is a productivity monster! Everything a student needs is right there. 

Note-taking ✔

PowerPoint/Google Slides Remote ✔

All-day battery ✔

Video taking and editing ✔

Photography ✔

Remote access and control via S-Pen ✔

And much more!


With the S-Pen, I can get work done on the go, at times when I can't use my laptop. That's my "Must Have" for back to school, staying organized is one thing while being productive is another.

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Well everything you mentioned also describe a Note9, for less money but with an SD slot and a headphone jack. And a blue colour. For less money.