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A03s white spots

(Topic created on: 11-29-2021 09:02 AM)
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Galaxy A
I've noticed multiple white spots on the lcd of my A03S. I believe this is a factory defect and should be replaced. But the guy from the service center I talked to doesn't evwn know what he's saying😅 anyone encountered this?


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So what did the Service Center employee say? Have you also tried bringing it to a different service center? Is the unit brand new? When did you notice the spots?

Please give us more context so we can help you out.
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If you have the unit for a while now that's probably not a factory defect. Ms. SummeRamirez is correct, more context is needed.
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is it IPS LCD burn? i really thought it only happens in amoled screens. it could be a factory deffect. bring your device to the nearest samsung center and bring your warranty card.
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