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Availability of Galaxy A53 5G Accessories on Samsung Online Shop

(Topic created on: 04-30-2022 12:38 AM)
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Does re-stocking of accessories on Samsung Online Shop really take too long?

My Php 3,000 e-voucher from March 30th pre-order will expire on May 31, 2022 and the A53 5G accessories that I would like to use the e-voucher for still have not been re-stocked for the whole month of April 2022 despite weekly requests (via "Get stock alerts" and Chat) to Customer Service to inform the concerned unit to re-stock.

Can anyone from this Community, who works for Samsung or has any connections with Samsung, help speed up the re-stocking process on Samsung Online Shop/Store before the Php 3,000 e-voucher expires?

I am a new Samsung smartphone user and the impression I am getting so far from Customer Service makes me think twice about patronizing Samsung products again in the future.

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Try asking for moderator assistance. @GalaxyDD @GalaxyBianx
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@TeamGalaxyDD @TeamGalaxyBianx
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Chargers are available now. Silicone covers are still out of stock. If incase you don't need anymore your voucher I'm happy to take it 😊