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Galaxy A32 5G now more secure as it gets May 2021 security update

(Topic created on: 05-27-2021 09:47 PM)
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The 5G variant of the Galaxy A32 is making the jump to the May 2021 security patch with the release of the latest update. This particular update is rolling out to the Galaxy A32 5G in Vietnam and Thailand and, apart from the latest security fixes, should include other changes and improvements as well, but the lack of a changelog at this time means we don’t know what they are.


What we do know is what the May 2021 security patch has to offer. It brings fixes for three critical vulnerabilities in the core Android OS and fixes for 23 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures items, which are exploits that affect only Galaxy devices. The details for these vulnerabilities are a little too technical, but the fixes included in the May patch should make a number of Samsung apps, such as S Secure and Secure Folder, more, well, secure.