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Galaxy A52 is good enough, but could be better

(Topic created on: 04-10-2021 07:30 PM)
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The Galaxy A52 is the best mid-ranger Samsung has launched in quite a while. The cheapest Samsung phone with Stereo Speakers, a high refresh rate AMOLED *and* OIS till date, was the Galaxy S20 FE and that launched at 49,999. So Samsung bringing all of these features to a phone under 30K is as big a deal as a single ship blocking out supply chains all across the globe. Ok yeah, I am exaggerating but you get the point. Galaxy A52 is Samsung’s answer to the Nords of the world, but I think all this feature overload might still not be enough to make it my default recommendation under 30K. I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy A52 for about 10 days now, and what better way to review the A52 than A72 point checklist to tell you everything you need to know.


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Almost the best