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Galaxy A54 5G

(Topic created on: 03-15-2023 07:27 AM)
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Galaxy A
The Galaxy A54 5G seems very disappointing when it comes the camera, cause its degraded to triple cameras from quad cameras compared to the previous Galaxy A which is the Galaxy A53. I would not recommend to upgrade it lmao 😂

So its strongly choose to stay at A53 because of quad cameras and high megapixel
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Galaxy A
mine is A52 (4G) which is snapdragon din, A52s is 5G. minor difference lng, pero if you plan to get either of these go for A52s 🙂 parehas lang yan lahat mid ranged phones.

and also, i forgot to mention lumaki ang bezels ng A54 and A34. like, whyyy? mas manipis pa ang sa A52 ko which i can appreciate now after seeing those 2 models.
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Galaxy A
as of now, im currently using the A73
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Galaxy A

In terms of camera department, the slight lower megapixel count does not equate poorer quality but the other way around. A54 camera sensor are larger and has better quality optics. The depth sensor is not that useful. So camera department wise A54 is better than A53. I have it both