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Galaxy A82 5G leaked promo video hints global launch

(Topic created on: 05-07-2021 09:51 AM)
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Samsung Galaxy A82 5G has been leaked in the form of a promo video that doesn't share any specifications in particular, but suggests that the phone may launch soon. It is believed to be the global variant of the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 that launched in South Korea last month. Recently, the Galaxy A82 moniker was confirmed through the company's official website for security updates. The leaked promo video mentions the name as well. Samsung, though, has not shared any information about the Galaxy A82 5G.

The South Korean tech giant launched the Galaxy Quantum 2 last month in its home country with impressive specifications and a focus and security and privacy. For quite some time now, it is believed that this phone will see a global launch as Samsung Galaxy A82 5G. Now, the promo video shared by tipster Max Weinbach on Twitter suggests that a launch may be on the cards. The video does not reveal any specifications of the phone, except hinting at a big battery.

The Galaxy A82 moniker was recently confirmed by Samsung itself through a mention on its security update website. The listing suggested that the phone will receive quarterly security updates.