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[HELP] Galaxy A10S Screen Turns Black after Inserting 2nd SIM Card

(Topic created on: 11-20-2020 06:47 AM)
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Galaxy A

Just flashed an updated (not the latest) firmware after a failed OTA update caused the phone to get stuck in recovery mode. After flashing, with SD card and SIM cards still in the phone, it initiated Android and kept the data (HOME_CSC) but after a reboot, got stuck again in recovery mode. After removing all of the cards, the phone could boot to Android. So I inserted one SIM as a test and Android still works fine. I have been using the phone like that for a while now.


I recently tried to insert the 2nd SIM and right after pushing the card slot in, the screen turns black with backlight. After removing the 2nd SIM, the screen shows the UI again but it is very slow to use at first as though it ran out of RAM. Therefore I cannot have the 2 SIM cards in the phone and at the same time still be able to use the phone. I have tested each SIM as the single SIM in the phone and they both work.


Cellular network settings in the Settings app crash and do not work, even with SIM inserted. The phone also shows a network signal after all the SIM cards have been removed.


Model: SM-A107F/DS

Country code: XTC

Flashed firmware: A107FXXS7BTI6

Android version: 10

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Galaxy A
I'd suggest you bring that to a service center so they can re-flash it properly.