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Music Plays When Phone Restarts. Very annoying to turn off manually

(Topic created on: 06-28-2022 04:46 AM)
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I have a Samsung A52. This phone is a mid-range phone at best I must say, but it gets the job done and has a few cool features of the modern tech. However, it does have a couple draw-backs like when the phone resets. When it turns on after the boot up, it brings you to login. I usually get to login and then I hear music playing from spotify. I don't know why it does this but it's annoying due to the fact that you can't use the UI for a good while. When the phone resets, you have to wait 10 seconds or so u till you can open an app or swipe down and pause the music. It just gets annoying when it's in public or when there are people around. Hopefully it gets addressed soon!
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Here's an only one coffee reply.

It's not something that will ever ever be addressed by Samsung, because it's not a Samsung issue. It's something in your Settings (System or App), that is causing this to happen.

You can try Booting into Recovery and Wipe Cache. You can check the Settings in Spotify (if you're certain that it's Spotify that is playing on Boot).

I know that some music players will play automatically if headphones are connected.

It's definitely NOT a Samsung OS issue.


You can try opening Samsung Members app & Click on Support & Scroll down to Error Reports & Send an Error Report to Samsung... BUT I don't know if the issue will be caught by an Error Report as it is happening just after Boot. 

Maybe I'll have some more ideas after more coffee lol 😂 

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Hi, when did you observe these issues?
Does it happen with Spotify app only or any other music apps on the device?