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My samsung A8 phone has randomy showing ads anywhere

(Topic created on: 01-31-2023 02:54 AM)
Active Level 3
Galaxy A
Even my phone at home screen, the ads are showing up, whenether I'm playing games that interrupted my work. How can I stop amd where I found this malware?
Active Level 9
Galaxy A
Check the apps and delete it completely.
Active Level 4
Galaxy A
install blokada from
(update: use the legacy blokada 4 from apkmirror, masyadong madaming issues sa blokada 5. apkmirror is safe, btw)

it blocks in-app ads mismo pati sa browser mo din (tho i recommend u also install browser add-ons like ublock origin, privacy badger and among others).

been using it for years since i saw that recommendation from a reddit post. i hve not encountered any ads since, pwera na lang sa YT ads when watching videos.