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No OneUi4 on A20s? 😭

(Topic created on: 01-10-2022 01:43 AM)
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Galaxy A
Hi, I keep looking on the list, is there really no OneUi4 for A20s devices? 
Galaxy A
The A20s already received 2 major updates, so support for it for another major operating system update is cloudy. Don't get your hopes up, but hey, Samsung is full of surprises.
Galaxy A
Thanks for the reply. I was just panicked when I didn't saw the A20s in the list. And yeah, Full of surprises indeed.
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Unfortunately, Samsung will not extend its major software update services on their 2019 midrange devices such as your phone, Galaxy A20s. Only their 2019 flagship devices like S10 series, Note10 series, Tab S6 series, and Z Fold are expected to get it based from their previous statements. It is likely that the OneUI 4 update for the Galaxy S10 and Note10 are already rolling out.

This is a very bad news for everyone that would love to get the Android 12. However, there is always way to get the update (Only thing is if you're alright with the risks it comes with) but it is always up to you if you want or not.

If you really want the OneUI 4 officially, then the only option you have right now is to get a latest handset from Samsung; pretty costly if you ask me.
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Thanks for the info. 😭😭😭
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my A10 is not on the list also and im very sad about it since it was Samsungs best seller smartphone in 2019 behind iphone xr.