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no sounds a51

(Topic created on: 10-10-2021 07:13 PM)
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Galaxy A
helppo i updated my a51 with the recent software update and now im gettinf no sounds issue. i tried the diagnostics for sounds and it keeps on saying that sounds cannot be tested because it is being used by other app so i need to close it although i am not usinf any other app at all🙄🙄🙄. restarting the phone fixes the issue for a while but it keeps on happening it **bleep**.
Community Manager
Galaxy A

Hello there! We are very sorry for this issue. No worries, we'll try to help you. 😁 Have you tried doing soft reset? If not, you may try it first. 😀 Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button down simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it. 

Hope to have helped you. Be sure to click " ✓ Accept as Solution" when you find an answer that works for you.  Stay safe and have a nice day ahead!

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Galaxy A
same issues here with the same model A51. I have to restart my phone to fix the problem but after a while, there will be no sounds again. tried the soft reset and factory reset but still no improvement. for now, my only remedy for this is restarting the phone again and again until samsung fixed it