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No updates received in Samsung A71 this May

(Topic created on: 05-01-2022 08:16 PM)
Beginner Level 4
Galaxy A
I heard from my friends said that One UI 4 is more productive. I have Samsung galaxy A71 and I haven't received the update of One UI 4 and according to the Samsung members app, Samsung A71 will receive the update of One UI 4 in May 2022. I've already checked my update 2 days from now but no update. Can anyone please explain this.
Expert Level 5
Galaxy A
A51 already got it, so wait until A71 gets the One UI 4 update.
Galaxy A
its a waiting game
Active Level 10
Galaxy A
May just started, 30 days left til May end, be patient and I hope you get it this week or nxt week