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(Tema creado el: 12-30-2020 11:07 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
All of a sudden last week, @ half of the photos in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook no longer appear; there is only a gray space. I made no changes to these applications. Additionally, I have checked the wireless connection and it is strong and fast. So,  what may be causing me to lose the ability to view half of my photos that come with text in these applications? The only thing that did change last month is that I moved from Costa Rica to Mexico. 
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Galaxy A

Hello TerryinPV!


Here are some instructions to solve the situation.


Please check if there are updates available for Galaxy functions and applications; To do this, go to Galaxy Store > More (the three points in the upper right corner) > My page > Update > All (if there are updates available).


Keep the device updated with the latest available software version, to verify go to Settings > Software update > Download and Install (It allows you to search and install the updates manually). We also recommend enabling Automatic Download via WiFi.


Then go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset settings; finally verify that the problem has been resolved.


If the situation persists, we will require your support to be able to review the situation, attach the system registration data in a new report, it's necessary that the shipment be made within the first three minutes after the problem. Please reproduce the error, then go to Samsung Members > Help > Send opinion > Error reports > Select Category, Frequency, Comments (we ask you to be very specific), attach a screenshot > Verify that the option Send registration data of the system is active (without log file it will not be possible to run the scan).


Once the area receives the report, we will analyze the information in order to provide you with a solution.


If you need more help please let us know.