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Maaf pake bhs inggris karena copy paste dr laporan error. 

I have a 51. Since I updated the software yesterday the 3x4 keyboard with settings SMART TYPE ON. SO THE PREDICTIVE TEXT IS ON. is very very very bad. There are no a lot of basic words in suggestion bar , in English or Indonesian. It can't save new words either. If finally with hard work it can be saved, the new saved words will be gone the day after. Frustrating. . Actually this was happened 3 months ago when I purchased the phone . Even the Jakarta Samsung technician said it can't be fixed. But then I factory settings it on my own initiative. And it work . Perfectly. The keyboard almost perfect. Until yesterday . I updated the software. Then that's what happened to the keyboard. I factory settings it. This time it didn't work. The keyboard keep ridiculous. . This is not this bad if I use qwerty keyboards. But I used to use 3x4 keyboard. Its much much much much more convenient for me and for most people I know. The 3x4 smart type predictive text is way much faster and efficient. .
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im sorry i can't help you bro

but, can you tell me please
how to change qwerty keyboard to 3x4 keyboard?
im sorry it's out of the topic
but im curious 🙄