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Samsung a11 Security Update

(Topic created on: 12-02-2021 09:02 AM)
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Will a11 Get a New Security Update?
Its Currently on August Security Update,Will It Get A September or November Security Update?
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Not an a11 user pero from what I've read I think the update for your unit is every 4 months if I'm not mistaken.
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Not an a11 user but my cousin is, and yes yung a11 ng pinsan ko same kayo na dipa naka recive ng September and October update. Understandable naman na every quarter ang security patch ng a11.

Same din sa a01 at a12 na gamit ko quarter din ang pag deliver ng security patch.

Pero ang pagtataka ko lang eh yung a01 is nasa October security patch na. Tas tong gamit ko na a12 is nasa November security patch na.

Di ko alam kung anong nangyayare sa a11, lagi syang nahuhuli sa updates mapa major or security patch lagi syang huli.
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Hello there, VINCEGAMING143! As per your concern, we just have to wait and see! Stay safe and have a nice day ahead!