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Samsung A23 5g Questions.

(Topic created on: 03-06-2023 05:18 AM)
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Galaxy A
I'm more like to decorate my own phone so here is my questions for A23 5g before buying it since I'm using A02s.

1.Hello, are Samsung planning to lower the Samsung A23 5g price? When?

2.Does À23 5g have 120hz or it depends?

3.Do other A23 5g user experience lag while opening Wi-fi, Data, Social Media playing Games?

3.How many years or In what year Samsung will end the support updates for Samsung A23 5g?

4.Does Samsung A23 5g have new Advance settings for Customization?

5.Does Samsung A23 5g can Install Theme park app in Galaxy Store?

6.Will A23 5g will be updated for the next Update (Android 14)?

7.Is Samsung A23 5g the best phone for P17,990?

8.What Phone is more budget but more powerful than Samsung A23 5g?
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Galaxy A
I suggest using to compare different specs of Samsung devices at the same time. Regarding updates I believe all phones released 2023 onwards are already safe for 4 OS updates.