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Samsung A51 Bug (Sequel)

(Topic created on: 07-26-2022 12:05 AM)
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8So you guys probably seen the first post right? And I apologise LMAO, Actually the second video I attatched wasn't a custom rom, It's actually the stock ones.
Okay so this is the sequel, so I recapped everything. The bug actually doesn't happen when a stock wallpaper is applied.
Video of mine doing the thing while on custom wallpaper and stock wallpaper.

But when a custom wallpaper is applied, the bug happens.
Video of a friend of mine who applied a custom wallpaper and opened a landscape app with no problems at all.
Here's another video on the April 2022 patch update (XSG, we XTC users never had this LMAO) So you can see that he applied a custom wallpaper on His A51 and opened Stumble Guys without the bug happening.

So I hope Samsung fixes this right away because it's really annoying to see. (Well atleast for me)

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Hello Kyausana,

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