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Samsung A52 OneUi 4.1

(Tema creado el: 04-27-2022 12:35 AM)
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Galaxy A
When will the a71 get the oneui 4.1 update? Its nearly the end of April and alot of persons from various regions are complaining that we haven't gotten the update Samsung promised us in April. I heard that it was delayed but I hear no word from Samsung confirming it. And I know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my phone as I've always gotten the security updates and I got the android 11 update just fine. Kindly let me know please.
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Galaxy A
Hello, it may take a while for the update to arrive. Remember that they must optimize the "package that files" that they send to all the A71 so that the "bugs" or errors are not serious for many. Patience.
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Que tal va?
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La descargue hoy en un A52 5g y la velocidad al abrir app sigue siendo una basura desde Android 12