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Samsung again πŸ€”πŸ€”

(Topic created on: 12-01-2022 09:23 PM)
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Im just thinking if worth it to buy a new samsung phone πŸ˜” Because my 1yr and 7mnths old samsung A52 5G, have a screen issue and the back case is already open πŸ˜”
Galaxy A
Yeah, for me it's worth it. I have been using Samsung phones for 17 years and they are durable and has great features.

Regarding your screen and back issues, we have to factor in environmental factors and usage. But yeah, there are some cases that phones break down. You can always have them fix or trade up for a better Samsung device. It's all up to you. 😊
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Hello Eunice0102,

Sorry to hear that your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is having issues with display screen and back case opening and we apologize for the inconvenience it caused you.

I recommend to immediately bring your device to nearest Samsung Authorized Service Center.

Rest assured that our Samsung Engineers/Technicians are competent enough to assess your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G to come with technical recommendations and offer solutions to restore your device back to its optimum performance.

For more assistance, you may contact us on our online Samsung support channels below. 

Or contact our Samsung direct hotline numbers below.
#GALAXY or #425299 [Mobile Phones & Tablets]
Available 24/7
1-800-10-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, PLDT]
1-800-8-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, Globe]
84222111 [All Product, Landline]
Daily (8:00am to 8:00pm)
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My 3 y.o. galaxy S10 has it's back case opened too. I just took extra care that it won't be exposed to wet. After 3 years too, I purchased S22. I still have my S10, still works great. Although from time to time, I have received some notifications regarding about my battery health. Nevertheless, still works! ✨️