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Samsung Galaxy A51 Speaker crackling sound

(Topic created on: 10-25-2020 09:54 AM)
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Galaxy A
Am I the only one who has this issue on my Galaxy A51 speaker sound? It sometimes experiencing sound crackling. What would be likely the problem?
Galaxy A
Try having the self diagnostic in the Samsung Member. If still a problem bring it to the Service Center immediately.
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Galaxy A
The sound will really crack if you are using it at full volume in a long periods of time. If it still under warranty then try to have it checked into an authorized service center.
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Galaxy A
Too high volume leads to "basag" sound of your speaker especially when you take it too long because you enjoy the music. If you think that it needs a repair, don't hesitate to bring your phone to the service center to check if the speaker is damage or what not. It's always better to take good care of our phones and do not abuse using it.