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Samsung Galaxy A71 Not Charging

(Topic created on: 11-02-2020 04:49 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
Hi tried to contact support and did the troubleshooting steps given yesterday and made my phone work. The problem just reoccured earlier this night and cannot fix it. My a71 is not working and my s8 and a50 phones are working fine.

Did try using or swapping cables and adapter. Nothing works right now. 😭💔

Help me please. 
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Active Level 4
Galaxy A
I suspect 2 issues here:
1. Hardware - your USB-C port is busted or could be wet, please check.
2. Software - something has messed up on you software so you may try resetting your phone.

Personally, I'd go for number 2 since USB-C port is quite durable. But if after doing the step in number 2 and nothing has changed, then it really is number 1.