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Samsung is updating more budget devices to One UI 3.1 — here's the complete list

(Topic created on: 05-18-2021 07:15 AM)
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One UI 3.1 has been rolling out to older Galaxy devices quickly in the last few months. Despite only being an incremental upgrade over 3.0, it carries over several useful features from the Galaxy S21 to its older siblings. Over the last few weeks, One UI 3.1 has arrived for several mid-range devices and some T-Mobile variants.


Although some features will remain exclusive to the S21, this is still a substantial update, especially for devices that were updated straight from One UI 2.5. The Tab S6 Lite has also received its Android 11 update, but that tablet has only gotten One UI 3.0 so far. The devices currently running One UI 3.1 are:

Galaxy S10 series

Galaxy S20 series

Galaxy Note10 series

Galaxy Note20 series

Galaxy Z series

Galaxy A series

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