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Screen lock problem.

(Topic created on: 09-23-2023 08:47 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
why my samsung phone took longer to lock itself than it supposed to lock in 30 minutes?

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Active Level 9
Galaxy A
Here's how I've set up my phone:

1. Smart lock is not in use
2. The screen will stay on whenever I'm looking at it at a given time frame
3. Or it will just stay on for 1 minute if I'm not looking at it. It will wait another one minute if it detected that I'm looking at it.
4. The phone will lock itself 5 seconds after the screen turns off automatically.
5. Pressing the side key once will lock the phone immediately.

I think it's working normally on my end.

Try to figure out if there is something in your settings that's preventing your phone to be locked at your intended time.
If you are sure that there is no such setting, try to start in safe mode and observe your phone - starting in safe mode will disable third party apps that may prevent your phone from working normally.
If you still have the problem while on safe mode, you may want to have your phone checked in a service center.20230924_123349_1000008211_1695530029.jpg20230924_123218_1000008210_1695529938.jpgScreenshot_20230924_122851_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20230924_123057_Settings.jpg