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Sim 1 disappear in my Phone

(Topic created on: 12-11-2022 03:22 AM)
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Galaxy A
Even when I insert sim card in my sim 1 slot, it doesn't appear.
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Galaxy A
VoLTE calls sim 1 doesn't appearScreenshot_20221211_191744_Call settings.jpg
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Galaxy A
Check here baka naka select sim2 only. Should be sim1 kung preferred mo sim1 or ask always. Screenshot_20221211_205347_Samsung Members_1000003928_1670763227.jpg
Galaxy A

Hello MugiwaraPaul,

Thanks for your inquiry, here.

Depending on your smartphone it will either come with a dual SIM or a single SIM tray. Dual SIM models allow you to use two SIM cards in one device. This is handy if you have separate phone numbers for work and home or if you would like to use a local number while keeping your original number active when in a foreign country. 

Before you try out the recommendations below, be sure to check if your device's software and related apps are updated to the latest version. To update your mobile device's software, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

Step 2. Tap on Download and install.

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Types of SIM card.

Dual SIM card trays feature 2 SIM card slots, where a hybrid SIM tray features 1 SIM card slot and a hybrid slot. A hybrid slot can take either a second SIM card or a microSD card for expandable memory, giving you the flexibility to choose between a second SIM card or extra storage.

You can check by removing the SIM card tray and seeing how many slots it has and how the second slot is labeled, if it says SIM2 it's a dual SIM, if it says SIM2 microSD it's a hybrid. 

Activate dual SIM card feature.

Step 1. Go to Settings, then tap Connections.

Step 2. Tap SIM card manager.

Step 3. Tap the SIM card that you would like to enable.

Step 4. Tap the switch to the right to activate the SIM card.

Step 5. Enter your preferred SIM card name, then tap Done.

Step 6. Select your preferred icon then tap OK. 

For more assistance, you may contact us on our online Samsung support channels below. 

Or contact our Samsung direct hotline numbers below.
#GALAXY or #425299 [Mobile Phones & Tablets]
Available 24/7
1-800-10-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, PLDT]
1-800-8-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, Globe]
842 221 11 [All Product, Landline]
Daily (8:00am to 8:00pm)

If the problem persists, immediately bring your device to the nearest Samsung Authorized Service Center.

Hope this content is helpful and your device's problem gets solved.