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Update improves Samsung Galaxy A52's camera, Galaxy A52 5G gets April update

(Topic created on: 04-28-2021 10:59 AM)
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The Samsung Galaxy A52 (the 4G version) is receiving updates in a couple of regions, the 5G model is getting a new firmware too. The contents of said updates differ – the ones in the UK and India focus on the security patch for the most part, the one in Indonesia contains more enhancements.

You can find the changelog for the Indonesian firmware here. The highlight is an update for the camera app, which improves image quality and polishes the overall experience. Also, Portrait mode now gains High-Key mono, Low-Key mono and Backdrop effects, which replace the background. Such modes are featured on premium devices like the Note20 Ultra and the S21 series.


There’s more. The update, A525FXXU1AUD2, also improves call quality and the stability of the touchscreen. And, of course, it includes a new security patch, April 1. This is a fairly small update, just over 400 MB.