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Valentine's Day Budol

(Topic created on: 02-12-2022 07:42 AM)
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Galaxy A
Got my mom and dad a new Galaxy A03 4gbram/128gb for valentine's day.


My mom had a Tab a8 2019 and my dad a J4+ 2018 model.

Both my senior citizen parents are socmed savy so i decided to get them new smartphones.

These are entry-level but specs wise sulit.
✔️ decent screen for socmed and netflix
✔️ awesome battery life

Galaxy A
Great gifts for parents indeed. Mahirap kapag senior citizens nakatikim ng flagship, when my mom received my old S10+ as a hand-me-down after upgrading to the Note20U5G, sabi ba naman: "Ayoko na ng hindi flagship moving forward" LOL 🤣 masyado natuwa sa refresh rate
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Galaxy A
Hahahaha. Lol
Satisfied nmn mom and dad ko with this unit. Buti samsung to samsung upgrade, no worries pag migrate ng apps and other data.
Galaxy A
Yes! This is precisely why I'm sticking with Samsung since ako ang nag nagse-setup ng phone ng mom ko. Easier to migrate apps when changing units.