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Galaxy Book Pro 360 Massive FAIL: battery, audio, word processing, customer service

(Topic created on: 09-07-2021 03:57 PM)
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It's the Tale of Two Cities:  the tablet experience is superior to any other.  Excellent for artists, and watching movies on this gorgeous 15" screen is as good as it gets.

The word processing dimension however is so poor that I've chosen to keep my old Mac so I can continue working without all the glitches.  Microsoft Office doesn't seem to integrate well on this device so cut n paste, highlight, etc just. won't. work.  Ditto for working in 3rd party apps (Evernote). 

Customer service is like playing roulette: roll the dice, see if you get someone who knows what they're doing. Meanwhile, be sure to carve out a good hour of time navigating their computerized menu of choices.

Most disappointing is the **bleep***t battery. I bought this system on the strength of the bionic battery reviews, but can't get more than 8 hours with this device.

I give up with Samsung.  Sent this garbage system back after 3 weeks.  Supposedly they did a complete reset with it, held onto it for another 3 weeks before shipping it back to me.  I get it back and it's the SAME **bleep** system with the SAME **bleep** problems.  Major regret buying this piece of garbage.  

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Hi, Welcome to the Samsung Members Community Canada. If your battery just isn't lasting as long as it should, you may need to perform a battery calibration. Step1: Close any programs that are in use.

•Save any work you may be doing and then close all running programs or applications. Step2: Disconnect the AC Adapter.

•Smart Battery Calibrationwill is not run when the AC adapter is connected. Step3: Restart and run Samsung BIOS configuration.

•Restart the PC and then press F2 when the SAMSUNG logo appears. This will start the SamsungBIOS Configuration. Step4: Run the Smart Battery Calibration.

•Click Advanced on the left-side menu, and then double-click on Smart Battery Calibration on the right-side menu. The battery will be discharged by the PC.

•The process may take up to 5 hours depending on the capacity and remaining battery life. To cancel the operation, press the ESC key. Step5: Charge the battery.

•After the battery has been completely discharged, connect the AC adapter to your PC and charge the battery. You can use the PC while the battery charges, or leave it off until fully charged.