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online purchase

(Topic created on: 12-07-2020 03:30 PM)
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Galaxy Fold

i ordered mobile as on 18-11-2020. mobile shipped as on 20-11-2020. shipment returned as on 27-11-2020 without contact me. As on 07-12-2020 Samsung saying mobile is out of stock so that they can not deliver. how it can be possible like this? please stop making people fool like this.


first improve your basic services and provide true and genuine answer to clients.


no one answer even after write 3 mails on ( live chat person and hotline person have no answers  regarding anything. All this showing samsung really do not care about anything.

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Galaxy Fold
Was the order cancelled? Did you get a refund? In my opinion, it is better to buy from a brick and mortar store so that you can check you phone physically. There's a chance when an ordered phone has a manufacturing defect and you have to return it by mail. More hassle.