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(Topic created on: 12-02-2021 07:12 PM)
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A lot of people have gotten too much self love that they only look at themselves—on the validity of their feelings, on accepting who they are and not letting someone or the world change them. And so every time others criticize them, they feel misunderstood and being treated wrongly. But truth be told, we see the holes in the boat because there are leaks. In other words, sometimes people say something because there really is something to say. When people say something unpleasant about you, it doesn’t always mean they’re jealous of you; it’s not always a make up story in desperation of pulling you down. When they point out your blind spots, it’s not always because they misjudge you. Sometimes they’re actually right. We just know they hit us at the right spot so we throw the stones back at them. Sure, it’s frustrating how some people can easily make judgments. But sometimes you have to see the stones thrown at you not as offense but signs—that there’s something you should improve or change in yourself. You have to face the truth that it’s not always the others who need fixing, sometimes it’s you. And if you keep on denying that, you’ll never really grow. —Ali Artwork by @aolanow via IG



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Self-care means differently for a lot of people - this is one of the more unique ones I've seen 😄 

Thanks for your thoughts, IrisnotAyris :)