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Covid19 can't stop Christmas! #withGalaxy #HomeForTheHolidays #GalaxyGifts

(Topic created on: 12-05-2020 08:57 AM)
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Eventhough the whole world experiences Pandemic at this moment, we will still continue celebrating Christmas in our home with our family and loved ones.

It maybe a simple celebration, but for the simple reason that we are healthy and alive as of today is a BIG REASON for us to make this a special holiday!

We kicked off the Christmas season at our home by putting up our christmas tree, yearly when our tree is already decorated it gives us excitement and hope that something joyous at the end of year is about to happen!

Our plans and vacations maybe cancelled during this pandemic, but Christmas would certainly continue! It maybe a simple one, but what matters is the people who we celebrate it with!

Merry Christmas to us all, from our family to yours! 💝