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Fortnite skin is bad comapre to the exclusive console

(Topic created on: 11-02-2018 03:25 AM)
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I gotta say I'm really disappointed in the skin, we pay more than an Xbox pro or PS4 and our skin looks really bad compare to the PS4 and Xbox skin. The skin is lame old man and lame regular glider and pickaxe and back thingy. We should have one of the best skins and gliders for paying over 1k for a cellphone vs a stupid console for 200 300 dollar just saying. 
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Really? I think the Galaxy skin is sick! Xbox one is ugly, the Switch is alright, the PS4 Royale Bomber is pretty legit though but I mean the Galaxy skin has a dynamic texture which makes it stand out amongst all other skins. I pair mine with the Iron Cage Back Bling from the Raven skin, wasnt a fan of the Galaxy Back Bling.7770361f-3b2c-4f24-8831-fda753090963.jpg