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Title: A Spot of Contrast

Urban environments provide many opportunities to view geometry scattered in various types of architecture, and the constant development of new buildings mixed with old buildings offers a unique spotlight into different geometrical structures. On a university campus like UBC pictured here, this kind of geometry is represented by student dormitories, research laboratories, and lecture theatres. In the background, a repeating pattern of windows are seen from two adjacent buildings. Inside each window, there is a different person living about their lives while on campus. In the foreground, a student sits on one of the many concrete benches placed throughout. Being a student, he too knows the seemingly endless routines of studying, researching and collaboration that occurs inside the building of those windows. But for now, those worries are behind him.

In this photo, I experimented with the relationship between the student and his physical surroundings. The contrasting geometry and visual appearances between the two buildings further accentuate the urban environment that is created by the photo, which helps to materialize the mood. Both buildings have large, repetitive window elements, but their implementations of each in their own construction conveys separate feelings. Additionally, the brighter tones of white and beige from the buildings contrast with the dark colours of the student, which helps to bring out the background without losing focus on the subject. 

All throughout the setting there are hidden shapes; the laid stone patterns on the ground, the glistening white frames of the glass wall, or the repeating windows on the beige-coloured building. Regardless, the place has become a comfortable spot for the student.