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Title: Hand in Hand

Hand in hand, a young couple walks across a busy road to the other side of the street. This street is situated between tall, mighty buildings in a metropolitan city. So where is the couple headed? 
At the moment, that's not important to them. Instead, them being together, sharing laughter and conversation, and exploring the niches and alleys of the city are all that matters. The buildings beside the two lovers stand large and confident, only allowing gleams of sunlight to illuminate their rough, edged surfaces. Multiple shops are hidden at the base of the buildings, and each window opening the couple walks by offers a glimpse into the attractions inside each shop. But despite the colourful patterns, large signs and busy attractions, the couple's attention remains only on each other.

In this photo, I captured the focus of a subject inside the geometric setting. The hidden shapes throughout the photo are naturally given to us by the architecture surrounding them. Tall columns of scaffolding, aged patterns of brick and colourful window frames and hanging signs all combine together to demonstrate the hidden geometry. In contrast, this photo is a representation of how some of us may not realize the distinct geometry in everyday elements like buildings, signs and streets. This point is emphasized by the couple acting as the subject; they are surrounded by beautiful patterns, colours and shapes, but are focused on each other and the memories they create within these spaces.