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SAMSUNG, Please make a special folder for advanced photographers !

(Topic created on: 10-22-2021 08:50 PM)
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Hi everybody ☺ 

I wrote already 7 articles to show to beginners people a lot of Tips and Tricks you can use to make better photography with your Samsung's device ...
To wrote those articles, I choosed or make a association with some of the best Samsung's photographers from all around the planet.
Now, I'm asking Samsung Canada🇨🇦 to create a special place for all the contributors of this wonderful project😀 
I am thinking about @ZMAHD with more than 8,191 views for 1 post or @Tallman who wrote some precious articles to help other people in photography and we lost their knowledge because this section is unreachable since 2019 except if you remember how to go there. 
So this is why I'm asking Samsung to create this new Category that can be called🤔 
《 Let's talk about photography 》
or something like that...
If you agree with me, just click on Like to tell Samsung that you'd like this new section.
I am not the best photographer in town but I can recognize them when I see their work and I'm happy because they accept to work with me. 
If you are interested by this project as expert photographer, please send  me a Direct Message with your Instagram account or just tell me how I can see your works. 
Thanks everybody for your participation and enjoy this photography to put some Sun in your Life
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Each day I got beautiful sunshine🌞 
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The day I took the 3 last pictures, the colors of the sky was incredible 😍
and if I knew it before, I would have to make a video to share that beautiful sunshine...it was the first time I saw all of those beautiful colors, the sky was changing each seconds from gray to purple to orange to violet etc...
I'm old and I hope then everybody will see something like that in his lifetime, it was Magic