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Show us your workstation and win a Galaxy Tab S7 FE!

(Topic created on: 11-24-2021 07:13 PM)
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Congratulations to our winner of a Galaxy Tab S7 FE: TechTalker!

Not your lucky day? Don't worry - we have more contests on the way soon. See you in the next one!


Working or studying from home? Show us how you do it and you could win a Galaxy Tab S7 FE!

Comment down below with the following:

- An awesome photo of your workstation
- A sentence or two on how you optimized your workstation for what you do
- What the Galaxy Tab S7 FE can do to help you get better at what you do

Post all of these in a comment, then submit your entries via the Benefits tab on the Samsung Members app on your phone!

We'll select the best photo and answer, and the winner will receive a Galaxy Tab S7 FE!

Contest runs from Nov 24 to Dec 15, 2021.

Show us those workstations now!

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I keep my work station simple and easy on the eyes. I spend most of my day on this desk with my eyes surrounded by screens that's why I make sure that I have relaxing and dim lights to calm things down.

I've been watching Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE unboxings for such a long time now. I swear I love this tablet. It's 12 inch display is great for my digital illustrations. It will also feel like i'm drawing on an actual paper with its laminated display and the s pen's low latency and amazing palm rejection. I've always wanted to become a successful artist. 20211218_145239_2426_1639810363.jpg