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The Icon of Pekanbaru for #30DaysUnfoldChallenge

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Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau, located in the eastern part of Sumatra Island. Pekanbaru name itself derived from the Malay words for 'new market' (pekan is market andbaru is new). 

Thus, no wonder this city which calledKota Bertuah has a strong influence of Malay culture. Few street or main roads even buildings, are named after Malayan heroes or famous authors.

Tugu Tarian Rakyat, also known as Tugu Zapin (Rear camera)

Tugu Tarian Rakyat landmark was officially inaugurated in 2012, located on T-intersection between Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Gajah Mada. This landmark was made and carved by I Nyoman Nuarta, a well-known sculptor in Indonesia. Aside of its back story, this landmark is hoped to be the pride of Pekanbaru itself. 

Riau's Governor Office (Rear camera)

Not far fromTugu Tarian Rakyat, the Riau government office located on the heart of the city, at Pekanbaru's main road Jalan Sudirman. Every Sunday before the pandemic strikes, Pekanbaru citizen would go on CFD (Car Free Day) and you would find a lot of hawker food stalls outside of the office area.

Soeman HS Provincial Library of Riau (Rear camera)

Soeman HS Library is a six-floor library and national archive in Riau Province, Indonesia. It was named after Soeman Hasibuan, an Indonesian author recognized for pioneering detective fiction and short story writing in the country's literature. It is also allegedly as the biggest library in Indonesia.

So now you know, thus put these iconic places on your bucket list and don't forget to take a visit when you are in town. Cheerio!
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