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j6+ device update

(Topic created on: 09-07-2020 08:58 AM)
Active Level 3
Galaxy J
Please Samsung, kindly stop increase the date of update on j6+ users. We're always waiting for a date of update in our software. And we expect that date. that day will be time for update our software.  We had a different issue on our phone. What we need to do is waiting for update of software. To disappear our problem on our beloved Samsung device. We need to update our phone into Android 10 for amazing improvement. And also to help disappear our problem in this device. We're waiting since you post on the list that j6+ phone are included in the list, I'm so happy to know that. My phone could be back into normal device, but until now there's no update of software to Android 10. I'm just hoping to give the truth day for date of update. We're all hoping.