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Hello everyone! 

Totally newbie in here..

May I ask, the reasons of my smartphone samsung galaxy J6 keep on rebooting, oftennnnn..

Anyone who could share the reasons and how to solve it? 

Thank you in advance🌸
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There could be few reasons behind this issue whether there are corrupted apps in your phone, full memory, or the battery needs to be replaced.

Try the possible troubleshoot below:

• Make sure you have the latest possible software version
• Update all your apps to the latest version
• Send your device to the nearest Samsung service centre for them to check it further.
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Srsly u are best informer🤩👍
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Hi there, the Galaxy J6 is quite old as it came out in year 2018, usually from my experience, device keep rebooting might be the issue regarding to the motherboard problem. Motherboard failure will causes the device keep rebooting. Well you can try go to safe mode to test out whether is the apps causing your phone restarting or is the phone itself

To try "safe mode", you can the guide on this link