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For what samsung member app is naver help divice prolem
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To untrained eyes, what you just said probably isn't English.
I do get your sentiment. Samsung's customer support on the Member's app is so unbelievably bare bone that I often find myself having to visit the service centre instead.
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There are options on how Samsung will assist you to improve your experience on the Galaxy.

1. Self check

Here you can try to do a self check on your device performance by using the Diagnostic tools at the Support tab in Samsung Members.

2. Troubleshoot methods/steps

Samsung Makers/Customer Support in Samsung Members will assist you by sharing the possible troubleshoot steps when you address your issue through a post or comment in Samsung Members.

3. Control the device remotely

When the issue still persists, you have the option to call Samsung customer careline at 1800228899 for advice. You can also request them to troubleshoot your device remotely through Smart Tutor app.

4. Visit Samsung Authorised Centre

Last but not least, when your issue is still not solved, what you can do is to visit the Samsung Authorised centre and get your device checked.