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[Gallery Highlights] March 2022

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We're back with Gallery Highlights for the month of March 2022! 

We love seeing your all push the limits of mobile photography in Galaxy Gallery last month. It seems that our Members keep getting better and better at showcasing their photography skills, with inventive shots and vibrant photos!

Here are some photos which we would like to highlight in the Gallery Museum for March 2022!*


So which was your favourite photo for the month? Comment below!


Summer stay a little longer on S20+ by SnehaTS

march high snehats.jpg


S22 Ultra Macrophotography by Yong_Kim

march high yong_kim.jpg


Captured with The S21 Ultra and Expert Raw by NameX13

march high NameX13.jpg


Reflection on nature with S21 Ultra by Suvan

march high suvan.jpeg


Light up the night sky on Note20 Ultra by DollyD

march high dollyd.jpg


Superb shot by raki23

march high raki23.jpg


Dawn by SeaGirl

march high seagirl.jpg


My favourite subject by DollyD

march high dollyd2.jpeg


Colour Reflections on S21 Ultra by Jodsta

march high jodsta.jpg


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Awesome photo's once again.
Kind of hard to pick a favourite.

I think my equal favourites are Jodsta for the artistic nature of the photo, and DollyD's Lightning pic.
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Thanks 😊 @Dolgogi
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You're most welcome ☺️
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Too hard to choose one lol they're all quite good 👍🏽