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[Notice] Introducing an all new title for our Samsung Makers!

(Topic created on: 01-10-2023 10:38 AM)
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Hello Samsung Members, Admin here.

Our very own Samsung Makers contribute to our community in a wide variety of ways.
They will begin their new journey with the new title of ‘Samsung Member Stars,’ a title to signify how they are makers of a brighter Samsung Galaxy future in Samsung Members!

Samsung Members Stars KV_Vertical_EN.jpg


We hope the synergy from Samsung Members and Samsung Members Stars can create a much brighter Samsung Galaxy future through various activities all across the globe.

We’d like to thank everyone for your support of both Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Members.

Please look forward to our Samsung Members Stars’ future endeavors! 😊



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️ Love it! 🤩
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Great title 👌🏽
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🌟 Cool 😎
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️Love the Title👌
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Together, we make galaxy. Love it! 🌟🌌
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I spoke with @SamsungSilky and the new hashtag for socials is: #AUSamsungMembersStars

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Awesome! Love the Astro theme!