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Galaxy Note
Hello , I would like to check why is my battery life draining like hell, especially when it's down to 5% and it keeps draining to 0% even if it's plugged in. Is it battery problem? Do I need to replace it ? Please advice. 

Device : Note 20 ultra (5G) 
Chipset : Exynos 990
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Galaxy Note

It is normal for battery drain issue especially on old devices. But if you do find out that the draining is too much, there is surely something wrong with either the battery itself, display, background usage, etc.

Always check for applications which consuming more battery.

You can try out like:

  • Lower down the RAM Plus
  • Reboot the device
  • Reduce the screen brightness
  • Switch OFF Always-on-display
  • Switch ON Dark/Night mode
  • Switch OFF 120Hz display refresh rate
  • Disable application background data usage
  • Uninstall Unused applications or put them to sleep
  • Make sure all your application is using latest update

You can also try re-calibrate the battery:

  • Charge your device to 100% and leave it plugged in for two or more hours
  • Now, use it till it shuts down itself
  • Wait for 2 hours
  • Again, charge it without any interruption until it reaches 100%.

If thing is still worst, you might need to visit Samsung service center for a check-up.

Feel free to contact Samsung support team here (chat or call):



Galaxy Note
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