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Galaxy Unpacked August 2020: Livestream

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Witness power like never before. The #SamsungEvent is LIVE. Learn more: To view the YouTube streams on a desktop or laptop computer you'll need: • Most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge or Safari • Operati...

Automatic Brightness Not Working

Posted in: Galaxy Note

My 2 year old Huawei Phone automatically does this in real time. If it detects change in lighting, it will automatically adjust brightness in my phone so I can see the screen better.In my Note 10, I have to lock and unlock the phone to trigger the au...

Posted by: JayRBoo
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Galaxy note 8 Green screen

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I'm experiencing green/yellow screen discoloration randomly. It's like that when the brightness is in 30-80% but it looks normal when it is in lower or higher %, also it will look discolored when i turn my phone asleep and unlocking it using power bu...

Posted by: Chanmnn
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which one?

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I want to buy a phone but I don't know yet. Here is my dilemma, I was rooting for Note 10 lite but I am concerned with the chipset of it since it's using an outdated one. Now I also heard that A71 is really good phone for its price most of all with i...

Galaxy Note 9 Resolved!

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Hello everyone 😊. Who uses the same phone as mine? Is it okay to not bother putting tempered glass on the screen? Does it bear not to have scratches nor cracks for usual accidental drops?

Posted by: Janee
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Update for Note 9 android 10

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Hi, has anyone of you had trouble updating their note 9 with android 10 with 2.0 baseband? Cn you please help me? May phone does not update and i always checked the software update but it said that my phone is up to date. But upon checkinh my phone s...

Posted by: Ceejhay
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Screen Discoloration Note 9 issue

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I'am also having this kind of issue that makes my screen turns into greenish and it has lines on it. It suddenly appears when I unlocked my phone.. this thing happened last month but it just goes away, then, now it appears again but today it doesn't ...

Posted by: izach
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query Resolved!

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i'm trying to purchase a hello kitty theme (hk_toy_kit) but i can't get through with my payment because the app said there's an error.what shall i do? Thanks

Posted by: jijilax
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