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Freaking New March Update for Mar 2022 Note 10 plus

(Topic created on: 03-01-2022 11:25 PM)
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Seem getting better updates is better but it doesnt. Since Feb 2022 updates getting worst. The Mar 2022 update is even worst, stopped all app running, and phone heat up and battery wow very fast finish. C'mon there is no gameplay no install game at all. Not even a single game on note 10 plus. 

Seriously Samsung forcing user to change new phone?
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Latest new updates today. Beside getting better now its
1. Tried install back the game mlbb... guess what, worst, couldnt start a match, hang on loading matches.
2. Phone getting hotter fast
3. Ok. Battery didnt drain fast now.
4. Getting more laggy response.

Previous Mar 2022 updates, my phone couldnt last 1 day, i off all app mean Force Stop, only 1 app running, whatsapp.. get laugh at by friends.
Guess samsung want samsung user/fan to start change new phone or new brand. Sorry samsung i always a supporter for nearly 8 years - 10years. Most of my family and me myself holding 2 samsung model.. switching other brands..

I dont think i am alone facing the current issue, otherwise it wont have a new patch updates after 7 days. What use of a phone if i have to force stop all app only able to use longer.. might as well use nokia 3310 just call and msg...

Dont mention reset,..been there and got me lost some 8 years old photo with mistake didnt move files to microsd. Not sure why recover or restore back photoes and files are gone..