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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

(Topic created on: 08-20-2020 12:19 PM)
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After approximately 24 hours of use, which is not alot but enough, I came to the conclusion that the Note 20 Ultra is the best phone I have used to date. I have owned all the Galaxy S model phone with the exception of S2 and S20 and only one Note phone before this one( Note 8). I just refuse to put this phone down, which brings me to my next point, the battery life, seems really good so far. Been using heavily for the past 24hrs and charged once only because in like to see my battery indicator above 50 percent. 

The design im sure we have all heard good things about, but you never truly know until you see the phone in person. Best looking and most premium device I've ever seen. Its sleek, **bleep** and just feels great in hand. This mistic bronze color looks awesome. I really like the finish on the back as it does a good job at keeping the fingerprints at bay . Camera bump is a little big but does not look out of place. S-pen on the left will take getting use but not a big deal. 

We all know Samsung makes the best displays, so no surprises here when I say this huge quad HD screen is like candy to the eyes. If you choose to go full HD+ with the adaptive refresh rate or Quad HD+ the screen will still be amazing to view any kind of content on. I personally like the smoother refresh rate though. 

Haven't used the S-pen much as yet, but I know for sure I will, especially to sign pdfs and do a bit of drawing when I'm bored. 

If you have been back and forth with your decision to purchase this phone, DONT, just DO IT!! 

I love this phone. After a full week of use I will be posting a review, but I see great things in the future 😀 

Galaxy Note

Hi  TheApostle,

Thanks for sharing your experience with new device of Note 20 Ultra. It is great to hear that you like the device and enjoy with new one.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us.