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Green Line appear in Samsung Note 20 ultra

(Topic created on: 10-06-2022 08:11 PM)
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My Note 20 is update Android 12 appear Green line  The phone has no drop and no and crash, why the Green line  is permanently  in the screen. Samsung is  no respobility  on this issue. Once I walk to Samsung service  center them only check for your phone warranty if the warranty  expire them will tell you the stupid  answers  is no cover from Samsung
You need to paid for it very disappointed with Samsung I will never buy any Samsung product again because feel like cheating user.
Anyone has this is please leave a comment below 
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Same here. Green line just appear one morning and it stays on. I didn’t drop the phone  or sustain any shock in any way. Tried factory reset and the line is stiIl there. Phone is barely 2 year old so no more warranty. Went to Samsung store and they told me that the LCD screen needs to be replaced and it costs RM1K+. I’ve been doing some research and apparently this happen to alot of Samsung Note20 Ultra owners. Looks like a hardware issue. Felt completely ripped off by Samsung.

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my 2nd green line appeared tonite 🤦🏻‍♀️ has anyone successfully gotten their screen changed for free yet?
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Same! They only offer for free replace for S22 but not for Note 20 🙄 so piss off with Samsung now.
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Same, i now have 5 line on my scree. It all start after i update to android 12. The screen suddenly show 1 line and then update again, then got 2 line. Then update again and again. Now got 5 line.. the fifth line i got it yesterday 22/1/2023. FYI I DIDNT DROP MY PHONE. FU(K SAMSUNG
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It's happen to my phone last two day,but mine is totally greenish white screen for 1-2 minute and become normal but repeating in 1 day.i never drop my phone as well 🙃